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November 10, 2016

A Weekly Checklist For Your Car

Car MaintenanceKeeping your car in good working order is one of the best ways to avoid accidents, a rise in auto insurance rates and costly repair bills.

Catching a problem early can make a difference between a simple repair and a costly insurance bill. Especially if a preventable malfunction causes a large incident.

It is a good idea to check several major parts of your car every week to make sure everything is working correctly. Here is a simple checklist you can use to make sure your car isn’t developing small problems.

  1. Tires: An overinflated or underinflated tire can cause a blowout, a flat or a serious accidents. You should also check the tread on your tires. A car with worn tread on the tires is more likely to skid when braking, raising your risk of an accident.
  2. Oil:
    Make sure your car has enough oil, and your oil tank is not leaking or broken. Your oil level can be too low or too high. Your engine could experience severe problems if you don’t have appropriate oil levels.
  3. Lights:
    Many states have laws against driving with broken lights on your car. A broken light makes conditions dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.
  4. Wipers:
    Many people forget to check their wipers. A worn or malfunctioning wiper can impede your vision when driving in bad weather. You run the risk of serious accidents. Also, check your wiper fluid, in case it is low.
  5. Dashboard:
    If you have any malfunctioning warning lights on your dashboard, make an appointment with your dealer to have the dash serviced immediately. Malfunctioning lights can cause you to miss problems that might develop.

Checking your car weekly can keep you safe. But, your auto insurance can help you when you need it. Call Mitchell Insurance Agency at (940) 586-1273 for a free Wichita Falls auto insurance quote.

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