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December 12, 2016

Will Home Insurance Cover A Gas Leak In The Garage?

Home With White GarageA gas leak is a very dangerous occurrence that requires immediate attention. If you suspect a gas leak is occurring in your home or garage, don’t hesitate. Evacuate the area and contact your gas company for help in turning off the gas.

The fire department may also need to visit to ensure the home is safe to enter. But, once the home is deemed safe, you might wonder which repairs you’ll need to make.

If the leak occurs in your garage, it is important to consider proper repairs. In some cases, your home insurance policy may cover the costs.

What Is Causing the Gas Leak?

Gas leaks in homes often come from many sources. They can come from clothes dryers, kitchen cooktops, ovens, and hot water tanks. In some cases, you may have a gas line in your garage or backyard for equipment or appliances.

When damage occurs to the gas line that is in your garage, your home insurance policy may offer some coverage. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Damage to appliances is not usually covered by home insurance policies. Look to the details of your policy to determine if they have coverage.
  • If an unavoidable damage occurs to a line, it may be more likely that your home insurance will cover the costs.
  • Incidents stemming from poor line upkeep or neglect are usually not covered by home insurance policies.
  • If the line is the main gas line that runs from your home to your utility company, your home insurance likely will not cover the damage.
  • Always check your home insurance policy to ensure the policy covers the losses. You may be able to add a rider to your policy if you have a specific area of concern. Riders might cover lines for a welding system in the garage or for a backyard barbecue.

A gas leak is nothing to overlook. If there is any reason you may have one, seek out the proper professionals to repair it.

With the help of your home insurance coverage, you may have financial protection from some or all of the loss from these problems. Take the time to talk to your insurer about what occurred and find out if your insurance protects the loss.

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